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Hello! In this website you can find everything you want about pokemon games, especially Nintendo DS games. DS is a portable console from the well known games company Nintendo. Almost any console (the portable ones above all) has pokemon games nowadays.

Pokemon is a digital game owned by the company Nintendo designed and created in the year 96. The game was released originally for the Nintendo Game Boy portable console as an RPG (role playing games) with several interlinkable versions. Since its release, Pokemon has managed to become one of the most played and popular games in the world of portable console games (such as Nintendo DS), and was edited in several other media types such as TV cartoons, playing cards, many forms of toys, etc. By far, the most fascinating and popular character in the Pokemon games is Pikachu.

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The first Pokemon DS Games released to the Nintendo DS console were Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in the year of 2006, and introduced the fourth generation of Pokemon to the video games. The games were disputed in the world of Sinnoh Region. A couple years later, in 08 and 09, a new Pokemon for Nintendo DS was created under the name of Platinum, and was intended to be a directors cut of the previous Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS console. Finally, in 2009 and 2010, four more Pokemon games were created for the DS console: Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, that were intended to be remakes of the gold and silver versions that existed for the Nintendo GameBoy console; and the White and Black version, that is still to be released (September 2010). The HeartGold and SoulSilver pokemon games happen in the world of Johto and Kanto regions respectfully.

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The Nintendo DS console is a portable digital games console released in the year of ’04 and was engineered by the company Nintendo. It is the far most advanced portable console designed by Nintendo until now and runs the more recent games. Among the many technologies and capacities is has, it comprises wireless, microphone, and two liquid crystal displays with one of them being a touchscreen. The popularity of Nintendo DS games is much due to the ability to create interaction with other NDS consoles allowing for several games to have the capacity of multiplayer through a wireless connection. 


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